Brett Swensen

Vice President of Marketing at Kizik
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As Vice President of Marketing—and one of the first team members to join Kizik—Brett has played an instrumental role in the brand’s growth to the fastest growing footwear company in the US. Hailing from Purple, Brett joined the Kizik team in 2019, bringing deep expertise in customer journey and direct-response marketing. Brett has led his team in developing highly effective sales funnels that consistently double or triple revenue year over year.

As a key member of Purple’s early team, Brett was instrumental in taking that brand from non-existent to a household name within a couple of years. He was there during their critical high-growth period and help lead Purple’s transformative marketing that proved unique to the industry.

Brett’s focus on industry disruption and unique advertising methods, particularly the use of humor and entertainment to educate and drive sales, resulted in viral marketing campaigns that garnered the attention of Forbes, TechCrunch, Nasdaq, Google, and YouTube. As a result, Purple’s revenue hit nine figures in a single year.

At Kizik he has helped has helped the brand has grown exponentially over the past few years, with revenue doubling in 2020 and tripling in 2021. From 2021 to 2022, Kizik grew more than 250% year over year and achieved profitability. Kizik’s recent awards include MountainWest Capital Network’s 2022 Utah 100 Emerging Elite, Silicon Slopes Hall of Fame’s 2021 Physical Product of the Year, two 2023 CES Innovation Awards, and several product awards from SHAPE, Women’s Health, and Men’s Health.

Brett is an expert implementer with an intuition for marketing. From ideation to execution, he well-versed in every step. His start-to-finish know-how is a skill that served him well in Kizik’s early days, when he was a team of one. Starting from nothing, he built what would normally require a multi-person team: website, tracking, measurement, and ad setup.

Where most successful marketers have a specific skill set like branding or acquisition, Brett has a grasp on all of it and knows when to pull the right levers to merge things. The result is rounded-out marketing that just works.

Brett now leads a robust marketing team of over 20 directors, managers, and specialists to further accelerate Kizik’s growth. He was honored in 2023 as one of Utah Business Magazine’s 40 Under 40.



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