Daniel Lacey

Former Chief Marketing Officer at Pura
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Hailing from New Mexico, Daniel’s roots lie in this southwestern haven. He pursued Football at BYU, concurrently delving into the intricacies of business strategy. The seed of entrepreneurship took root during his college years, as he initiated a marketing agency. Subsequently, he seized the opportunity to join Pura, stepping in as their inaugural employee. His evolution within the company culminated in his ascent to the role of Chief Marketing Officer. Over the past half-decade, his indomitable efforts propelled Pura’s annual sales figures from a modest ~$25,000 to a staggering $120 million. This remarkable feat earned him a coveted spot among Forbes’ 30 Under 30, underscoring his noteworthy accomplishments. Presently, he embarks on a new venture, directing his energies towards a novel enterprise that assimilates e-commerce technology into the services sector.


Ecom Marketing Strategy
Product Marketing
Paid Ads

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