Jenny Nuccio

Founder & CEO at Imani Collective
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Jenny is the Founder and CEO of Imani Collective — a social enterprise and holistic women’s empowerment program in Mombasa, Kenya, committed to breaking generational poverty. Having grown up in Texas, Jenny and her family now call Kenya home. As an integral part of her Kenyan community for 12 years, her life’s mission is to unleash greatness in women, locally and globally, through collaboration and equitable opportunities.

Among her most recent accomplishments, Jenny authored her first book “Let It Be Wild”. This book recounts Jenny’s audacious life journey that led her to Kenya. From an elementary school start-up business to backpacking through Peru, Jenny candidly shares the highs, lows, and lessons learned as she stepped into her truest self. Her hope is that this book will inspire others to run hard after their wildest dreams.

Additionally, Jenny holds a Doctorate in Education, where her doctoral research focused on the resource gaps presented for social entrepreneurs and the challenges they faced in implementing change, as well as a M.Ed in Leadership Development and Communications. She also has a graduate certificate in nonprofit management from Texas A&M University and a corporate sustainability and innovation certificate from Harvard University. As Co-Founder of the School of Ethical Impact, Jenny combines her educational background with real-world expertise to inspire and raise up the next generation of social impact entrepreneurs.


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