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Jessa Maddocks emerges as a formidable presence within the realm of fashion and design. Hailing from Kanab, Utah, and nurtured in the embrace of a quaint Colorado township, Jessa’s fervor for aesthetics and artistry propels her journey to Salt Lake City, UT, where a scholarship for fashion photography becomes her ticket. It is here that her distinct artistic flair gestates, eventually propelling her to attain renown as both a photographer and stylist, coveted by a multitude of fashion brands and influencers.

Occupying the roles of CEO, Chief Designer, and Creative Director at JessaKae, the eponymous brand, she harmonizes her creative genius with an unwavering work ethic. JessaKae, the direct-to-consumer designer dress label bearing her name, thrives under her tutelage, scaling heights of triumph and expansion. Within the digital domain, the brand commands an impressive social media footprint, ranking among the leading followership counts amid apparel brands in Utah. The synergy of this successful virtual presence with Jessa’s proficiency in photography, design, and styling firmly establishes JessaKae as a preeminent designer dress brand nationwide.

Beyond the contours of her professional domain, Jessa adorns the mantle of a devoted mother, nurturing two exceptional offspring, while also being an inspirational life partner. Her mastery in preserving equilibrium between her burgeoning career and intimate life resonates profoundly, a testament to her unwavering determination and boundless ardor. Doubling as a business mentor, Jessa dispenses not solely her professional sagacity but also shares her personal odyssey navigating the intricate digital labyrinth of contemporary existence.

Her reservoir of experiences, coupled with her indomitable resilience and adeptness in adaptation, render her a priceless mentor for aspirants seeking to etch their own narratives of triumph within the industry.


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