Jordan Maddocks

President and Founder at JessaKae
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A shrewd entrepreneur and strategic visionary, Jordan Maddocks boasts a storied past marked by the establishment of thriving enterprises from the ground up. Originating from Utah and cultivating pivotal experiences in Phoenix, AZ, Jordan’s journey commenced as the proprietor of a prominent property management venture—an endeavor that burgeoned into Utah’s largest and the third-largest in Arizona. In a significant turn of events, this venture was eventually acquired in 2011.

Equipped with his real estate prowess, Jordan played an instrumental role in the inception of, a premier rental listing service and management software platform that has left an indelible mark on Utah’s real estate landscape. However, his professional scope extends far beyond real estate. In 2016, he and his wife, Jessa Maddocks, embarked on the launch of JessaKae, a direct-to-consumer designer dress brand. Under their joint stewardship, JessaKae has risen to prominence, currently reigning as one of the eminent dress brands in its category. Notably, it enjoys one of the most substantial social media followings among all apparel brands in Utah.

Amid his relentless pursuit of scaling businesses, Jordan is an adept sub-elite marathoner, consistently chasing personal goals. Rooted in his unwavering commitment to family, he proudly fulfills his role as a devoted father to two.

Fusing his multifaceted business acumen with tenacity, Jordan is aptly positioned to offer transformative business coaching capable of elevating startups and established companies alike to unprecedented echelons of success.


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