Wes Clark

Head of Marketing Operations at Kizik
$75 per Session

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A multifaceted individual, he embodies the roles of entrepreneur, brand architect, networker, perpetual student, mentor, father, and spouse. He boasts a background as an early marketing contributor across various startups, notably including Purple Mattress and Kizik Shoes. In his current capacity, he occupies the position of Head of Marketing Operations at Kizik Shoes.

Drawing from his extensive experience, he offers counsel in a diverse array of domains:

  • Crafting compelling pitch decks and refining business concepts
  • Initiating and propelling the trajectory of e-commerce brands
  • Harnessing the potential of paid advertising campaigns
  • Harnessing insights within the mattress industry
  • Pioneering ventures into international expansion initiatives.

With his wealth of expertise, he stands poised to provide invaluable guidance across a spectrum of business facets, a testament to his dynamic skill set and seasoned background.


Building E-Comm Brands
Marketing Strategy
Acquisition Strategy