How to Contribute to ShareHouse

Want to share your knowledge with a growing community of ecommerce professionals?

We’d love to have you!

There are a couple of things to do before you can contribute to ShareHouse, though….

1 All contributors must join the ShareHouse community here before any pitches are accepted.

2 Fill out the Typeform below.

For Contributors:

The ShareHouse personality is one of expertise and accessibility. We cover a range of topics spanning 8 content pillars, including operations, marketing, technology, branding, hiring/HR, and other topics as they pertain to ecommerce. Content can be geared towards beginners just getting started, to seasoned professionals looking to deepen their knowledge.

We love that you’re willing to share your knowledge with our community. We are big on building your own personal brand and authority, and we invite you to let your personality shine in the content you share within the community.

That said, we have some guidelines to keep in mind as you contribute to ShareHouse.

Accepted Forms of Content


Videos (with clean background)

Podcasts / audio files

Social graphics + captions


Content Topics

(Branding, Messaging, storytelling, customer personas, Customer Segmentation, Content)

(Business Mgmt, Procedures, Legal, Customer Success, Shipping)

(Customer Acquisition, Digital Advertising, Subscriptions)

Supply Chain
(Fulfillment, Sourcing, Manufacturing, 3PL)

(Funding, Accounting, Finance)

(Design, Development, Packaging)

Your Website
(Website design, Sales, Site Operations, Shopify)

(Amazon, Kickstarter, Walmart, Retail)

Content Guidelines:

  • All content must be original and not published elsewhere. However, you may repurpose content if it is your own.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling.
  • Be open to questions and feedback in the community, responding to comments directly.
  • ShareHouse is to be spelled “ShareHouse”.
  • Use specifics where possible in your content. Does your experience apply to SaaS? Ecommerce? Custom work?
  • Stick to the deadline (or communicate any delays to your coordinator/editor – Bianca?).
  • Keep language inclusive.
  • Keep politics out of your content.
  • Backlinking is acceptable as long as it fits within the context of your content, though we reserve the right to change or remove backlinks (they are also acceptable in your byline/author bio).
  • Content should be focused on helping. It’s fine to mention products or services, but 90% of the content should be helpful and should not rely on the product or service mentioned. Sales pitches will be denied or edited.
  • Content can come in the form of a written article, video, podcast episode, social graphic + caption, or audio.
  • ShareHouse reserves the right to share, distribute, and repurpose content.