Amazon is a beast, but it’s becoming even more important to sell your product on their platform. In this episode we discuss what it takes to sell on Amazon, why you should or shouldn’t sell on Amazon, and who you should hire to help you do it.

Josh is the founder of a top tier Amazon consulting agency and shares all of his expertise on how to approach Amazon as an existing brand or as a new product.

Just like it’s become necessary to have a social media presence (if you’re not on facebook or instagram, do you even exist?!) the same thing is happening with Amazon. In order to keep and find new customers Amazon can be a part of a solid marketing and sales strategy.

But just being on Amazon isn’t enough, there are so many intricacies of the platform that you want to make sure you approach it in the right way. There are agencies built to help you do that, or you can tackle it yourself by hiring someone in house to manage it. No matter how you approach Amazon, this episode will give you perspective to make those hard decisions.

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